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“The opportunity of a lifetime comes around every day!” – It’s one of my favourite sayings…

At the begginning of this month I ran a promotion, Giving away a Free 16GB Ipad 2 to one lucky winner… all you had to do was fill in a short survey around Marketing and Yourself as an Entrepreneur and Business Owner and tell me in 20 words or less why you wanted an iPad 2 for your business.

After 375 Entries and going through each one to see the amazing responses and reasons… A winner was chosen – Below is the video that announces the winner and answers the most asked question from the respondants to the survey.

Did you win? Watch and Find Out

Why Did I Do This Survey?

I’m launching an exciting new program in 2012, called The Marketing Matrix, and as a part of this I needed to learn more about you and the challenges you face and what you like around business education. This is a something you should be doing in your business when you are starting out, or are launching a new product or service – you must do Market Research and ask your audience what they want, what they like, what they don’t like and their biggest challenges.

The easiest way to do this is send an survey to them via email… here are the top 3 tools I recommend to send a survey

What have I done with these responses?

The responses have helped me shape the structure and format of the Marketing Matrix as well as helping shape what will be covered to ensure that this brand new business education program will (I hope) be a game changer in the industry of business education.

One that guarantees and actually delivers real results and actions in an intimate learning environment with real participant collaboration.

Can You Find Out More About The Marketing Matrix?

If you want to be kept in the loop about this new course that will help you Get More Customers, Who Spend More With You, More Often… just put your name and email below and I’ll be sure to send you some of the free videos that will help you (the first video is about defining and finding your ideal customer) and then invite you to learn more when I’m ready to announce.

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  1. Hey! That’s MY name!!

    I can’t believe I only saw your video today. Kicking myself for not visiting sooner. Whoop whoop, I’m running around in circles in excitement. And yes there was a little happy dance.

    Thank you for offering such an awesome prize as part of your survey. It was easy & fun to do =) My blog readers are going to love you… well me… because as you said, I do hope to use that ipad2 wisely to help grow my business. I’ll be offering it to the readers of my blog by way of a prize. Thank you Carl, for making my marketing plan stronger. I hope to strengthen and grow my community of inspired readers and couldn’t have done that without your survey. You rock!

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