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Facebook has made an awesome anouncement today… Facebook Deals is now in effect.

What does that mean? Watch the video to find out.

Why is this good?

Giving a discount or I would recommend a value addition instead, but having an incentive of some kind to get your customers to check-in to your business gives you an amazing viral effect.

If I see my friend Joe check-in to a particular coffee shop every day, next time i’m in the area which coffee shop do you think i’ll choose?

It’s not just for coffee shop’s, any business could use it, dentists, bookshops, restaurant, etc…

This is awesome news, and I look forward to helping my clients use this strategy to grow their business

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  1. Thanks for passing this news to me. Great stuff and it gives yet another opportunity to promote my company’s products.

    At the moment its only available to the USA, but I will definately do some research into this and let you know my results.


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