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Time to Get Re-Invigorated

Welcome to 2012 everyone. I trust that you have all taken a well deserved break and enjoyed your holiday period.

I don’t know about you but for me after a break I find getting back into the swing of business takes some time and is a bit of a struggle. Maybe you are a jump starter you feel refreshed and your roaring to go. Either way this exercise is for you.

In this blog post I want to teach you my exact New Years Business Optimiser session that I am doing this week. Im going to share the questions i ask myself and what i look at to ensure this new year is a success.

You know being the start of a new year it’s the perfect time to reflect on what you achieved last year and what you are going to achieve this year.

Your Business Planning Session

What You Need

  • Blank Piece of Paper
  • 1 or 2 Coloured Pens (Blue and Red are my suggestions)

The Next Steps

  1. With your blank piece of paper draw a line down the middle turning it into 2 columns.
  2. Now at the top of the page in the left column put the heading “Rear View Mirror”.
  3. At the top of the page in the right column put the heading “The Road Ahead”.

In The  Rear View Mirror…

Write down and answet the questions…

  • What are you most proud of last year?
  • What were your biggest challenges last year?
  • What did you start doing but didn’t finish/ why?
  • How many leads or enquiries did you get?
  • How many new customers did you get?
  • How often did these customers buy from you? Did they come once the entire year, did they buy from you 3 times, or 10 times?
  • If you sell more than one product or service, What was your most popular product or service?

If you don’t know these numbers then one of your focuses for this next year better include tracking these things so you are ready for next year.

You’ll also notice we didn’t take a look at financials, because you should be doing this at least monthly if not more reguarly. So if you are only looking at your financials once a year, I highly suggest you also add that to your focuses for 2012.

For The Road Ahead…

  • What do you personally want out of your business this year?
  • What profit do you expect to make this year?
  • How much money will you invest in your education, in marketing, in research and product development
  • How many new customers do you want and how many do you need?
  • What is the average amount they need to spend?
  • How often will customers buy from you?
  • What strategies are you going to focus on to achieve if not exceed all these targets you just set

Don’t bog yourself down with analysis paralysis just look at the big picture. What are you planning to achieve this year and what strategies are you using to do it?

No matter what you are focusing on, remember to keep educating. The more your learn the more you earn so buy books, attend courses, find free resources online.

Is getting more customers one of your focuses this year?

Then put your name and email in below to ensure that you stay in contact with me and get lots strategies that will make your business be seen more, convert more and ultimately make more money.

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