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If you haven’t seen or heard about infographics then you’ve been living under a rock.

Infographics are a visual representation of data that has become very popular in recent times. In my browsing recently I came across this very interesting business infographic that shows what countries are the best to start and do business in.

So here’s the infographic… What is the best countries to do business in?

What are the best countries to do business in?

Infographic by Infographiclabs

Where does Australia fit?

As you can see represented in the above infographic, Australia is among the top countries to start a business in and based on what I’ve seen especially in the young entrepreneur market this is definitely true. Australia is breeding a strong entrepreneurial community and new business start ups are on the rise.

What’s interesting is that doing business in Australia rates number 15 in the “Ease of doing business” category, I believe this is due to things such as high employment costs, high taxes and high competition within such a small customer audience.

Do you agree with these statistics?

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