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All the small business owners and entrepreneurs that I talk to love to tell me they want to make more money and not work as hard – sounds good right?

I’m about to share with you a tool that every small business must use to help you do just that, and I’m going to show you some practical applications on how this tool could apply to your business.

Why You Need An Email Autoresponder For Your Business

Emails are so common now in everyday business life, many of us send hundreds of emails a week if not per day, and sometimes they are the same things again and again and again just to different people.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, right?

Then some genius entrepreneur came up with a great solution known as an Autoresponder. An email autoresponder is a software tool that allows you to create emails and schedule them into a sequence that gets drip fed out at the scheduled times.

Let me explain what I mean, you may have a sequence like…

OfficeAutopilot Email Sequences

Day 1 – Email goes out to contact at 11:30am introducing who you are

Day 3 – Email goes out at 11:30am saying here’s how we can help you

Day 9 – Email goes out to contact at 10am give me a call for a free consultation

You wrote the email template once, and you put in personalisation tags, things like the contacts First Name or business name. And then you can send it to as many as you need and without having to think about it.

3 Ways Small Business Can Use An Email Autoresponder

Build Relationships with Customers

One of the most important points of your business is to build a customer database and keep building a stronger relationship with those that have done business with you in the past and are doing business with you right now.

Using an autoresponder you can keep them educated about how to best use your product or with tips on how to get the most out of your service, valuable information that helps them mixed in with a combination of offers and opportunities for them to work with you more.

Educate Prospects

For many businesses prospects don’t just buy, they often need to be taught and educated about why they need the product or service or at least why they should choose you as the supplier for the product or service.

By utilising an autoresponder you can have a sequence of emails go out at predefined intervals each with a different education piece or point that helps to build trust, teach them why you are the supplier for them and ultimately ask them to buy.

Automate Regular Emails

I know for me, especially in my IT business, we had many standard emails we would send out regularly. For example when we brought on a new client, there were at least 3 or 4 emails we would send them with different information they needed to know to work with us.

If you do this manually it can easily be forgotten or if you have heaps of new clients starting in one go, its going to mean you are very busy.

Autoresponders solve all that, create a sequence with all the emails and then just assign the sequence to your new client.

I’ve put together a list of the top 10 autoresponder software available.


Just Do It…

There are so many benefits even more than the above few suggested, just start using one and you’ll realise the potential of what you could automate.


Are you using an Autoresponder in your business to save time and make more money?

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