“Red Means Go, it is a wonderful read”

“Carl Taylor is one of the most impressive young people I have met. He is committed, ambitious and is driven to make a difference. As for his book Red Means Go, it is a wonderful read, for people of all ages, to overcome challenges and to get on the path to success.”

Author : Dale Beaumont, Author of 16 Best Selling Books

Adrian Rainey Founder of The Weight Loss Study

“If you want to change your life, you have to read this”

“Understanding the way you think and how to overcome obstacles to achieving your goals is so important, Carl covers these subjects perfectly in Red Means Go. If you want to change your life, you have to read this.”

Author : Adrian Rainey, Founder of The Weight Loss Study

“I have used it to tweak some of my biggest goals already.”

“Anyone and Everyone should read Red Means Go! I bought it because I wanted to find out more about the mindset and wisdom of Carl Taylor and apply his methods for success to my life. The Beauty of the book is that it is very direct and straight forward and the language is very easy to understand. Red Means Go! has so many benefits but the most significant for me was the method of breaking down goals using the Hierarchy of Goals… I LOVE that method and have used it to tweak some of my biggest goals already.”

Author : Christian Baker, Author of Stop Being Tired! The 8 Ways to Energy

“I really wish I’d spoken to you sooner.”

“I was really looking forward to talking with you, I had a whole lot of ideas, but didn’t really know what direciton to take. Talking with you clarified alot of that. I wrote down a list of all the major points we discussed like specific strategies on who I should target to get initial traction, how (and where) to outsource the website development, how to be able to have my business stand out from all competitors. This list if now the core of my business plan.

Once again a big thank you for your advice. In just half an hour of talking my business over with you has given me focus and direction, and probably saved me weeks of sitting in limbo and unsure of how to proceed. I really wish I’d spoken to you sooner.”

Author : Ryan Wardell, NSW Australia

“Now I don’t smoke… I used to smoke 6,7,8,9,10 cigarettes a day…”

Author : Eloff Maree, Business Owner, NSW Australia

“If he has time on his schedule, Grab It”

"Carl is brilliant at what he does. He’s the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. He has an uncanny natural ability to see a vision in how to help take a business to the next level. If he has time on his schedule, grab it, you’ll thank me for recommending him."

Author : Ari Galper, #1 Authority on Trust Based Selling, Founder of Unlock the Game

“Just finished reading Red Means Go! – What a Little Gem”

"Just finished reading Carls great little book titled “Red means Go” . What a little gem in the area of personal and business devolopment. Carl is a great business entreprenuer who even at 24 years old has a wealth of wisdom and insight to share….. Nice guy too which always helps"

Author : Tony Gattari, Founder and Chief Energy Officer (CEO), Achievers Group NSW Australia

“An Asset to Have On Your Side”

"Carl is a passionate educator, a bright author and a determined individual. His ability to communicate and inspire others to act on achieving success is phenomenal. He’s also a great guy. Definitely an asset to have on your side, in order to achieve future success"

Author : Dr Avnesh Ratnanesan, NSW Australia

“Carl is good at seeing 2 or 3 steps ahead”

"Carl is a very results oriented person who is good at seeing 2 or 3 steps ahead whilst everyone is focused solely on the present. This future insight allows better ideas for the present.

By the end of a half an hour meeting with Carl, it feels like we’ve created weeks worth of progress.

Looking forward to my next catchup with Carl to see what ideas he will come up for me next!"

Author : Sasha Gilberg, Founder of conversionBoost VIC Australia

“What looks impossible becomes easily achievable”

"Carl provides all the ideas & tools you need to achieve your business goals. What looks impossible to start with becomes easily achievable with help from Carl."

Author : Debra Fraser, Business Owner, NSW Australia

“The Audience Loved Him”

"Carl was a guest speaker for the Young Entrepreneur program in 2010.
Carl spoke about his experiences in running businesses from a young person’s perspective and gave the audience an insight into the highs & lows and shared his creative thinking. The audience loved him and I would recommend Carl to anyone who wants an enthusisiastic presenter who connects well with his audience!"

Author : Sue Heins, NSW Australia

“Carl is a ‘sifter'”

"Carl is a ‘sifter’ – he takes away the clutter and directs his clients in a clear manageable direction for their needs.

As a business owner, I engaged Carl to help me take my business to the next level, I needed leverage/networking, I needed to make money without working at it. Carl gave me some ideas, set a time line and we worked out a list of ‘not to do’ and people ‘to do’ this list which saves me so much time that I now can focus on his plan to acquire leverage in my buisness.

Carls ideas are fresh, clean & easy to put into action, I like his approach to the task at hand and I have already recommended him to a business coleague who is also very impressed with his ideas. Carl sees things that we working in our own area will miss. I highly recommend Carl as a business builder and I wish him all the best.

Thank you Carl.”

Author : Mardi Gray, Mardi Gray Interior Solutions NSW Australia

“I have found Carl to be an inspiration”

“I have found Carl to be an inspiration on a business & personal level. His energy and determination for success is amazing. He truly believes in building lasting business relationships and friends for life.”

Author : Glen Donegal, Business Owner, NSW Australia

“Allows us to spend more time With our Clients”

“Carl has been a great help to my company, his techniques have helped our company create a system that allows us to spend more time with our clients helping them grow.”

Author : David Fastuca, NSW Australia

“Mentoring has given me new direction.”

“I decided to start mentoring with Carl because I was getting impatient with my lack of progress due to going in too many directions and feeling tired from all the pressures and obligations.

I have to admit I was wondering if getting advice from someone with less life experiences would be able to help and motivate me. I ended up rationalising the age difference as he has already accomplished a number of things at such an early age and the thought of coaching over coffee made it just more relaxing.

Mentoring has given me new direction. I’ve been learning about goals, targets and what to start first when there are thousands of things to do and no time. I was doing some of these but I’m now so much more organised and motivated – I have a folder with clear action plans and after a mentor session I always feel revitalized and motivated.

I believe many different people would benefit from mentoring with Carl, teachers, nurses, students, young people and anyone who needs to think outside the box for extra sources of income or to start new areas of their lives.”

Author : Susan Duke, High School Teacher, NSW Australia