Carl Taylor


pTall poppy syndrome, bringing people down, why do we do it?/p
pTonight I had some very interesting conversations with some really interesting people. There was a common theme that came up in conversation however./p
pThe culture that we as Australians have in putting people down who are successful./p
pA great example that Brad Sugars gives is driving down the street in his fancy car in Australia and stopping at the lights, the guy in the car next to him will say something negative, while in other societies like America he would be congratulated and told well done for achieving success./p
pSo Why Do we do it? Any thoughts?/p
pstrongSuffering from Financial Stress? /strong/p
pA Quick tip that was given to me by an interesting guy I met tonight. If you are feeling stressed about your finances right now, like your budget is tight, emstrongGIVE YOUR MONEY AWAY!!!/strong/em/p
pYes thats right give a little, don’t give it all away but just be a little generous and make a donation or buy someone something./p
pYou may be suprised and find that it helps bring the true value of money into perspective. Money is just a tool that assists in facilitating life./pimg src=”″ height=”1″ width=”1″/

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