Started first official business at age 15

Carl got started in business when he became a sole trader at the age of 15, launching ZainyFX a web design and web hosting company that he ran from home, while still juggling being a school student and working part-time as the youngest assistant manager of a Franchised Pizza shop.

 Sold Web Design & Hosting business

After finishing high school he decided to sell the web design and hosting business to one of his suppliers to explore other options. Being the introvert he was the negotiations for sale happened over MSN messenger.

Brief Apprenticeship in Home Automation
After selling the business, Carl started an apprenticeship in Home Automation & Audio Visual Installations earning less than $250/wk.
Visiting waterfront mansions around Sydney Harbour only further fueled his hunger to be the one OWNING the nice houses and cool tech. So he quit the apprenticeship to continue on the entrepreneurial path.
Bought into IT Company
After quitting his apprenticeship, Carl bought into his fathers small IT Support company. They mostly supported home users and their local church and scraped together a barely livable income.
A phone call that changed everything

In 2006, the IT business phone rang. Carl answered it. A man on the other end of the phone said his name was Simon and he saw the ad in the Yellow Pages and wanted to know how well it was working.

This cold call from a business coach was the start of a new direction for Carl. Setting him on the path of learning from those who have walked the journey before him through books, seminars, coaching and mentoring.

Bought Gift Basket business

After systemising the IT business and taking a 6 week around the world trip, Carl returned to the IT business ready to build his business empire and play the game of buying businesses and adding value to them.

In 2008 he purchased a small Gift Basket business being run from weekend markets and fax-based orders. He got it online, hired staff, and simplified the product line.

Sold Gift Basket Business

After holding the Gift Basket business for 18 months, he successfully sold the business as a fully systemised and online business with clients such as McGrath, Pepsi and the Sydney Opera House.

There’s an old saying. “The man who chases two rabbits catches none” this was certainly true for Carl at this time. The IT company has been suffering due to the Gift Basket business distraction. So he delved back in to full focus on the IT company.

Released first book “Red Means Go!”

Written over 5 days between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve 2009, Red Means Go! was published in 2010, becoming rated #1 New & Notable Business audiobook by iTunes within the first 14 days of release.

This book was written with his still young friendship circle at the time in mind, a call to step up and take charge of your life and achieve your dreams.

First time public speaking

With the success of Red Means Go!, Carl began to present to audiences of business owners. With his first presentation to the Warringah Chamber of Commerce in 2010. This was the start of Carl’s love of teaching others and sharing his journey.

Sold IT Support business after 8 years
After 8 years of running the IT support company, having grown it from being just Carl and his father in the family home fixing personal computers to having an office across from Microsoft, 5 staff, recurring revenues and business clients across Australia.
Carl wanted to pursue speaking and mentoring. His father wanted to retire. So they decided to sell.
Lost and confused. Trying to reinvent himself.
So much of Carl’s identity had been wrapped up in being an IT guy for so long. Carl flopped around trying to find himself again.
At one point he was the “Get Shit Done Guy”, another he was the “Inbox Domination” guy. He continued to speak at business events but on various topics, trying to find an opportunity to serve the market with the skills he had.
Business seminars throughout Australia

In late 2012, Carl founded Business Builders Academy. A seminar and education company teaching others how to buy, build and sell businesses.

His flagship event was called “How To Buy A Business For $1” telling the story of how he’d negotiated a cafe that was for sale down to $1 and how buying a business can shortcut the entrepreneurial journey.

Founded Automation Agency

After two years of running business seminars throughout Australia, Carl quit coaching and founded Automation Agency a Done-For-You online marketing agency helping small business owners actually implement the latest marketing tools and strategies and not just learn about them.

Today Automation Agency works with hundreds of small businesses and online marketers all over the world including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Achieved Financial Freedom

One day when running his numbers Carl realised he was financially free. That his passive income outside of his business (Automation Agency) earned more than his living expenses.

Relationship shock changed it all again

In 2019, just days before he would be buying a ring to propose, his relationship of 6.5 years (akin to a marriage) came to a sudden and painful end when his woman left him for another man.

This traumatic experience sent Carl on a deep journey of self-reflection, growth and ultimately a spiritual re-awakening that once again changed (or he would say “re-aligned”) the path Carl’s life was following.

Released “Becoming Bulletproof”

In late 2019, amongst the journey of self discovery Carl sat down in the same chair that 10 years earlier he had sat to write his first book “Red Means Go!” and wrote all he had learned. This became his second book “Becoming Bulletproof”, published in early 2020 and achieving #1 Bestselling Book on Amazon within days of release.

Became a Dad

Now in a new relationship, Carl gets to discover the joys and challenges of becoming a father with the birth of his daughter.

Founded Dadpreneur.com

Now in his journey as a Dad and entrepreneur, he see’s an opportunity to help other Dads in business who are struggling to balance the life of the entrepreneur with the life of a dad.