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pSome of you have been emailing me about the Reviews section of this site. So I figured i’d answer you all in the open./p
pstrongQ: Are these reviews unbiased?/strong/p
pA: Yes, the reviews are completely unbiased, I have read, listened and attended them all. In fact the amount current up with written reviews is not even a quater of the ones that I have read, listend and attended so expect more reviews on the way./p
pstrongQ: Do you make money if I buy it through the purchase links on the review?/strong/p
pA: I am 100% transparent here, yes I do make a small percentage if you choose to purchase some of the products, mainly the books. Does me making money on your purchase change your price you pay no it doesn’t but if you don’t wish for me to take a commission you can lookup using the ISBN i provide at any of your favourite shops./p
pstrongQ: Are there more on the way?/strong/p
pA: As i just answered above, the few that as of right now are reviewed on the site is only a drop in the ocean of reviews to come and thats just from me, we have reviews on the way from some others as well./p
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pPlease remember that if you have read, listened or attended one the reviewed products or seminars add your review help someone else decide if they should look to that product for the learning they require./p
pAlso if you have a product you would like to recommend we review, please suggest it in the forums./p
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