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Are you considering starting a business but concerned at the risk?

Are you looking to get into business but have limited cash to invest?

After struggling with starting businesses from scratch, I bought into my first business in 2003 joining a business partner and rapidly grew the business revenues, staff and profits. Since then, I’ve built and sold 3 businesses and if I were starting again from scratch I would look to buy an established business using these exact strategies.

This course comes directly from my popular live workshop “Buying a Business Masterclass”.

Are you really living the life you dreamt of?

Are you coasting through life wondering if there’s more?

I used to feel that way! Until I learned what in 2010 I sat down to share by writing Red Means Go!

It quickly went to rank #1 New & Noteable Business Books on iTunes and I constantly receive emails from readers around the world, who’s lives have changed for the better after applying the philosophy, principles and tactics in this book.

Available Now from your favourite bookstore and online:

Not interested, or don’t have the skills to do all the tech stuff yourself?

Want an experienced team to take care of all the fiddly marketing stuff?

In 2014 I stopped coaching and teaching people how to market their businesses online because I was sick of people not getting the results because they didn’t implement correctly. Now I make my highly trained team available to just do it all for you.

You can find out more and see if we’re a fit over at the Automation Agency website.