Carl Taylor


pimg src=”” alt=”Coin Money sitting on a newspaper” title=”Coin Money sitting on a newspaper” align=”left” /Organising finance for your business venture is a very important step, but where do you choose to get it from? Do you use Debt, Equity or Savings?/p
pSavings as you know are all the pennies you have been stashing away for a rainy day./p
pDebt is the act of borrowing money/p
pEquity is when you sell others the chance to buy into your great idea./p
pWhatever option you choose writing a business plan is important, but writing one that suits the specific target for financing you are looking for is key./p
pToday’s released articles are specifically designed with this in mind, how to write your business plan with a specific financing arrangement in mind./p
lia title=”Writing a Business Plan for Investors (Equity Finance)” href=”;view=articleamp;id=68:writing-a-business-plan-for-investors-equity-financeamp;catid=10:free-articlesamp;Itemid=48″Writing a Business Plan for Investors (Equity Finance)/a/li
lia title=”Writing a Business Plan for Banks (Debt Finance)” href=”;view=articleamp;id=69:writing-a-business-plan-for-banks-debt-financeamp;catid=10:free-articlesamp;Itemid=48″Writing a Business Plan for Banks (Debt Finance)/a/li
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