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We’re off to see the Wizard the Wonderful Wizard of Oz – well not really but wouldn’t it be fun to get on a golden pathway that leads to an incredible world where anything is possible?

Your business needs a golden pathway. It needs an Oz.

Where is the business heading, what does it stand for, what will it have achieved in the next 5 years, what about in 100 years?

The business vision is more than just a statement. Text book’s on business will teach you to write a statement about your vision, but look its your vision you decide what and how you will communicate it. Maybe you won’t write it, maybe you’ll shoot a video, do a powerpoint presentation, narrate it, story board it – I don’t know…. You need to decide but let me share a process that can be powerful at working out your business vision.

First off, grab a piece of paper and write “It’s ____ years from now and my business is…”

Now fill in the ____ with a number that is far enough away from right now but close enough that its worth fighting for. There is no point saying 100 years (yet!) if you just started the business 1 year ago and really need to see massive growth in the next 2 years.

Now fill in the rest underneath like you are writing a letter to yourself, It’s 2 years from now and my business is providing the worlds tastiest chocolate cakes that come in a frozen packet etc…

Now I just completely made that up but it is designed to help get you started.

Some of the areas to think about when writing this vision are:

  • Team – Who works in your business, how many, how does the team view the business
  • Awards – What awards have you won, been nominated for, applied for
  • Profit – How much money are you making as Profit
  • Time – How much time are you the owner spending in the business vs. on the business
  • Customers – How many customers do you have, how often do they come back, do they refer to you often

The yellow brick road will lead to Oz once you decide where Oz is and you and your team start walking on the path to get there.

A Vision for your business is not just something you hide away in a business plan it should remind you every day, and be what you live and breathe to work towards.

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