Carl Taylor


We all fear something, maybe its quitting your job to start that business, or it might be a fear of heights, or even just going to that party where you won’t know anyone.

Would you like to control your fear?

Would you like to have a technique you can use to help you face that fear or even elliminate it all together?

First lets look at how I define fear.

I define fear as False Expectations Appearing Real that cause you to Find Excuses And Reasons to not proceed with whatever it is that you fear.

So how do you overcome the fear?

Ask yourself a few key questions…

  • Why do I feel this way?
  • How likely is it for my fear to be realised?
  • What strategies can I put in place to reduce the likelyhood of this feared outcome?

Next time you feel fear, I want you to remember this definition and ask yourself questions about this fear. You will soon find that it really was just a False Expectation that Appeared Real and you were just Finding Excuses And Reasons.

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