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Your Business Is Like A Bus and You're The Driver

Business is a team sport, whether you’re a sole trader or a large corporation you always have a team, and if the team aren’t going in the same direction you have a very big problem.

This means business owners and entrepreneurs like you have to find out who’s getting on the bus with you and who you need to let off before they make everyone else on the bus upset and possibly give the driver some wrong directions.

Every Business Has A Team

I know what you’re thinking, sole traders don’t have a team they are a SOLE trader. Let me ask you this though… does the sole trader have a family? Does the sole trader have an accountant or a bookkeeper? These are all people who are part of the business team and each impact on the business and its success.

The challenge you face with a team is having everyone get on the BUS, take their seat and wait til you get to the destination, because if someone in the team doesn’t want to go where that bus is going or doesn’t even know where the bus is going then it won’t be a very pleasant bus trip.

Now I’m using the analogy of a bus but I’m sure you know I’m talking about business. Everyone from the latest employee who was hired two hours ago to the managerial staff and the CEO all need to know where the bus is going, and be asked at the door to the bus do they want to get on.

There is no point having a team member in your business who doesn’t want to be there and to go where the business is going.

How To Find Out Who’s A Team Player In Your Business

Here are Three Action Steps for you to implement right away.

  1. If you haven’ t already write your vision for your business… Where is the business going? Need help check out my previous post Follow The Yellow Brick Road – Creating the Golden Pathway for Your Business
  2. Call a Team Meeting to share this Vision to all your staff
  3. Make a warm and accepting environment to allow anyone in your team to honestly say they aren’t interested

Once you know who is and isn’t interested in getting on the bus, start mapping the route the bus will take and get all the people who want to be on board on the bus.

If you can do this successfully, your business will be a great place to work, you’ll have excellent teamwork working for you that means you and your business gets where you want to go faster and with less angst.

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