Carl Taylor


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pBonjour mesdames et messieurs!/p
pLanguage has always been an interest of mine, and so I decided it would be an exciting endeavour to try to learn French. I’ve found a great way to start learning it in the car on my way to the office through the a target=”_blank” title=”Pimsleur Method – The Pimsleur Learning System” href=””Pimsleur audio program/a. Today i’ve just completed my 10th unit (each unit is approx 30mins) and i’ve found that I can hold a basic conversation (albeit a lot of it seems to be about trying to pick up young french madamemouislles), asking the time, if they speak english, if they would like to have a drink (at my place). The thing that impresses me most about the program though, is how it teaches it to you so naturally and organically. I find often that without having to put in too much effort listening in the car, later on in the afternoon, I can find myself recreating the conversations in my head or throwing the phrases into my conversations with friends and family./pimg src=”” height=”1″ width=”1″/

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